Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cosplay - here I come!

Okay, so... just to be clear there will be no spike heels or skimpy costume for my cosplay.  I'm not quite graceful enough to pull of anything skimpy, also as implied by the first half of this sentence, I would snap an ankle like a green bean in spike heels.

Where will I wear said cosplay?
Why C2E2, of course!  Chicago Comic And Entertainment Expo April 26th-28th

I have ordered my ticket and I am super excited!  I'm even more excited to dress up... someone asked me if I would be uncomfortable dressing up - the short answer is yes.
The long answer is.... A while back I wrote a post here about how I am done with fear and so I decided that I am going to cosplay at my very first comic con as a gesture to continue in this vein.  Every once in a while, I need to prove to myself that I still have the moxie to get completely out of my shell.  Don't get me wrong, I don't retreat back to the safety and darkness of my shell as often as I used to... but it does happen.  It might happen, hypothetically, in a very nonspecific way, when the only other woman at physical therapy thinks I'm sleeping with my hot pack around my neck and says "Looks like T-Rex girl on the table over there needs to be fed, I can see her ribs." 
First, I am a bit fuzzy on why she called me T-Rex.  Is my head that abnormally large?  Are my arms that stumpy short?

 Me.  At physical therapy. 
(Scene from Meet The Robinsons)

Second, I am even more fuzzy why I allowed some weird, judgmental stranger to make me an antisocial hermit for two days, but I did.  A week later, I don't know that I really care what she said - but at the time, it had an effect on me.  So now, I'm back out of my comfort zone and buying stuffs for cosplay.  
I find that by forcing myself to do things I am somewhat uncomfortable doing (writing a blog post about being uncomfortable, perhaps) I am able to pry the sheet of white-knuckling shyness loose and do something constructive for myself.  That might sound like treating a phobia and I suppose to some degree, it is like immersion therapy.  Though not in the way you might try immersion therapy for fear of heights, because all that does is make someone acutely aware that they are not, in fact, afraid of heights - they are afraid of falling from heights... which is a bit different.  And yeah, let's try immersion therapy for that, right?  Haha.  No. 
I digress.
I will of course take pics and share, I will only be there one of the three days but I feel like that's good enough for my first time.  Two items for my ensemble are here already - two more are on the way.  While I won't say just what I'm cosplaying at, here's a hint:

Any time I think of chickening out, I remember that I've ordered things and they have been shipped, and frankly I'm a little too frugal not to do this after I've paid for things I really can't return.  Also, I think of my new  mantra, which is from Shakespeare: "And though she be but little, she is fierce!"  To help remind me, I worked that famous line onto canvas in a few different ways, but I have one of these sitting in my office.

Now a reminder - Free Comic Book Day is May 4th, go give your local comic book shop a little love and get a free comic.

In other news - I have been invited back to the snarkALECS show!  I'll join them on April 25th to discuss snark and Troll 2.  I have a new headset complete with microphone so that I no longer sound like the chick manning the drive thru at Taco Bell.

Lastly, I am retiring the half a zombie picture in favor of the Female Ginger Doctor pic!

She wants your brains... or a cocktail.  Or maybe she wants your brains after you have a cocktail.
Two-Face style zombie.